Synchronizing your Amazon seller account with Contalog gives you the liberty to manage stocks, process orders and handle shipments. You don't need an exclusive Amazon inventory management system anymore.

Experience Amazon Seller Central Interface via Contalog

Sync your Amazon Seller Central account with Contalog. Once the sync is done, Contalog's backend acts as Amazon marketplace inventory management system through which sellers can manage inventory, orders and everything else.

Sync Inventory with Amazon

Push all your products to Amazon in a single click or choose only those you want to list in Amazon. You'll not need Amazon stock control system any more for handling inventory as Contalog's interface can help you do the same.

Amazon Specific Pricing

Contalog's inventory management for Amazon sellers provides the ability to set different pricing for products to make the most out of your sales-channel specific demands. You can set exclusive price tags for each product you choose to sell on Amazon.

Measurable Insights on Sales

Contalog, as an Amazon seller inventory management software, lets you know sales performance in detail. With real-time sales information in hand, you can channelize product portfolio on Amazon and sell smartly knowing demands better.

Handle MFN and AFN Shipments

Contalog Amazon warehouse management system pushes all the shipment details of the orders fulfilled through MFN (Merchant-Fulfilled Network) into Amazon. And for products under AFN (Amazon-Fulfilled Network), the shipment details will be updated (pushed) in Contalog once the orders are fulfilled.

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