Offer exclusivity for your regular procurers. Wholesale procurements drive your sales remarkably and so you ought to provide them a VIP treatment. A B2B portal software will enable businesses to handle large scale procurers with ease.

Purchase Convenience of B2B Customers Redefined

Your B2B ordering platform will not only offer the exclusivity your clients' needs but also provide insights of their requirement patterns to smartly replenish stocks.

Order Placements

Invite your wholesale and retail procurers to visit your exclusive B2B eCommerce portal and bestow them with login credentials so that they can create sales orders as and when they require. With custom pricing options you can specify different pricing for products sold on your B2B store.

Order Status

Keeping track of the status of your orders is a hassle-free task with Contalog's B2B eCommerce software. Four different order statuses keep your delivery network informed on what is in the move and what's delivered.

Order History

A repository of customers' shopping history is important for your business. Your B2B ordering system will have complete order and transaction history of all consumers which lets you surf through buying patterns.

Order Analytics

With Contalog's B2B eCommerce software you can get to know which products are the best sellers and who are your top procurers. Monitor orders based on clients, sales numbers etc and know which products are dying and those that are gaining popularity.

Product Categorization

Contalog's B2B eCommerce platform lets you classify products sensibly so that customers find the segmentations easy to locate the products they prefer. Multi-level product hierarchy and simple navigation complement the product classification structure.

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