Contalog : A Multifaceted Sales Catalog

“A salesperson’s phone is always ringing.” This statement is suffice to understand the magnitude of work a salesperson has to grapple with everyday. In fact their lifestyle is similar to that of gypsy men, traveling different places.

Keeping in mind the preferences of a salesperson, Contalog a digital catalog has been developed to reduce the burden of tormented salespersons. Let us make a detailed analysis of how Contalog complements a salesperson.

Put An End to your Paper Woes

Let us hit the nail on the head, salesperson’s detest doing paperwork because from their perspective spending time on paperwork amounts to losing their valuable customer interactions. But contrary to their liking, stats suggests that salesperson’s spend 23% of their time on administrative tasks. However the time spent on the paperwork does them no good as paperwork is prone to errors and poorly maintained records may lead to bad debts.

By having Contalog in your ipad/android tablet, the salesperson can update the sales details then and there. So there is absolutely no chance of making any mistakes. This feature rich Contalog serves as an efficient replacement for those heavy manual catalogs. With an excellent UX and UI design, it displays in-depth information about the products like product description, images, statistical data, etc.

Win back your Customers

Focusing on existing customer is crucial to a company, as a survey shows 10% increase in customer retention leads to 30% increase in the value of the company. So it is imperative for the salesperson’s to impress their customers through their flawless services. However most of the salespersons unintentionally mess up while processing a customer’s order, leading to a delay in the delivery, thereby earning the customer’s wrath.

To avoid any such mess, salesperson can place customer’s orders in Contalog and the order information will be instantly sent to the back-end sales network which in-turn updates the status of the order. Hence there is no room for any time delay or mismanagement. Contalog also lets the salesperson maintain the customer’s order history. Through this history the sales network gets to know about customer’s frequently purchased items. Therefore they can sell more customer-specific products, earn customer’s goodwill and improve the sales revenue.

Never miss a Sales Order

Conventional methods of assigning work to salesperson’s at the start of day and waiting for them to report by the end of the day, leads to tardy and erroneous results. Even worse is, sometimes with a deluge of work communication becomes chaotic. Hence proper communication is very essential in a sales network.

Companies having a better communication within had witnessed a 47% higher total returns. This digital catalog is handy to business admin, as it helps them to group salesperson’s for specific targets and to communicate clearly with the sales team.

Contalog – A stimulative SAAS app

The icing on the cake is that this multifaceted app is delivered via SAAS. As a SAAS product is sold on a subscription basis, it is very much affordable to users. If users spend $5 to purchase a product then they need to shell out only $1 for using the product through SAAS. Deploying is much more quicker and simpler as all that a user requires is a web browser and an internet connection. Users having Android/iOS on their smartphones can install this app.

With Contalog in hand, salespersons can save their precious time spent on paperwork, impress customers by providing efficient services & effortlessly manage their clientele. Hence Contalog not only simplifies your sales network but also amplifies your sales revenue. We have infused a series of birthstone beads in to one mighty gem for your convenience. Make use of it!!!

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