How to create BIN Locations in a warehouse and how Contalog simplifies product search using it?

BIN Location is simply a location name or in other words, an address of where your products are placed. Location names are crucial for both putting your products and retrieving them in the least possible time to speed up fulfillments.

BIN location clears the confusion in finding the product by giving you the exact place of storage right from warehouse to the shelf it is in. Creating clear and straightforward locations within a warehouse is quite tough but can be achieved when a proper procedure is followed.

Here is a 3-step guide to get your warehouse properly mapped and labelled so that product retrieval becomes a breeze for those involved in picking packing and shiping.

How to Create Inventory Location Names

There are certain things to be taken into consideration before beginning to name your location. Getting these things factors right will keep confusions at bay.

Irrespective of whether your are using a physical space or not, every single physical space should be given a location name.

Every location name should be unique and labeled.

Labeling should be done in such a way that it contains the full name of the location and have arrows directing the location as well.

If you have different segments (rooms) in your warehouse, try distinguishing them as separate zones.

Each zone name should be abbreviated, mostly with a single letter and should be mentioned in the labels containing the full location name.

Within a zone, based on the product arrangement system, the location name should begin from either left to right or top to bottom.

Step 1 – Dividing a location space into different zones

Dividing a warehouse space into zones is important especially when it is large. Apart from, splitting only the storage area into zones, you can also include the entire area which includes the operations like office, dispatching, packing etc to be divided into zones.

For instance, look at the figure given below.

bin location

Here the storage areas can be given an zone name based on the directions they face.
So, the abbreviation will be as follows East – E, West – W, North – N, South – S and the central operational area can be abbreviated as O – denoting the office space.

By breaking down a larger storage space into different zones, you create several manageable parts. Now, it will be easier for your to locate with confusions.

Step 2 – Segregating zones into sections

Now, it is time to segment a zone into smaller units, ‘Sections’. In order to name a section, you’ll be needing a proper procedure which should be followed for segregating all the zones in a storage area, to avoid confusions while locating products.

Here is an idea on how to name a section.

warehouse sectioning

A storage space with several shelves can be easily divided by labeling each shelf as a section. Label using alphabets or numbers but make sure the labelling is done clockwise – Left to Right. And to begin with the labelling process, choose the shelf that is nearest to you as and when you enter a zone.

After getting done with separating your storage space into zones and sections, let’s see how it works in a real search scenario.
After getting done with separating your storage space into zones and sections, let’s see how a product’s exact location can be tracked using these two information.

Step 3 – Drilling down to the last step, the ‘exact location’

The ‘exact location’ of a product is our key agenda and so far we are done with two prerequisites in achieving it.

While mentioning a location in particular within a section, make use of numbers. The number should be done in such a way it starts with the top and ascends all the way till the end.

Look at the figure given below:

bin location with labelling

It shows a section in which the shelves from top to bottom have been named with numbers. Now a product with a complete bin location name NB4 can be found in the ‘North Zone’, ‘Shelf ‘B’’ and in the ‘4th Rack’ from the top. This is how you decode a product’s exact location in a warehouse.

How Contalog warehouse management system can help in picking products quickly using ‘Bin Location’?

Contalog inventory management system has a perfect provision that updates bin location of every product in an order to the team in pursuit of fulfillment.

While initiating shipments, ‘Pick List’ feature can be used generate the bin locations of all the products so that the fulfillment team can conveniently be directed to the exact locations to retrieve the products quickly.


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