Tips for Amazon Sellers to Earn Ranking and eCommerce Dollars

Amazon is Google when it comes to ecommerce. As a matter of fact over 50% of product searches happen in Amazon. Given that Amazon is supernatural with its operations, it is easy for the ecommerce giant to handle tonnes of requirements but for sellers, things are always on jeopardy with too much competition for every single product they sell.

However, there are a few Amazon seller tips and tricks that could help sellers beat the competition and in boosting sales on Amazon. Here they are

Amazon Seller Tip 1

Automated Tools for Amazon Keywords

Most of the sellers, while searching for tips on how to increase sales on Amazon, directly target winning the Buy Box but that’s not going to happen when the basics aren’t right. We will begin with getting the right keywords, which is the most basic thing to be perfected.

Manual effort in finding the keywords can be done but doing that would demand more of your time. For instance, you should begin with identifying a popular root keyword via Google’s Keyword Planner, place it in Amazon search bar and get search suggestions for it.

This effort can get tedious when you have to fish keywords for 100s of products. However, there are automation tools which can get this work done for sellers. One of the best free tools is KTD – Amazon Keyword Tool.

Amazon Seller Tip 2

Reviews Earn More eCommerce Dollars

Reviews convince shoppers better. When you wonder how to increase sales on Amazon, reviews are the most conventional methods that still can get it done for you.

Apart from speaking high of your products, reviews can instill confidence by making shoppers believe that many have tried these products. Both quality and quantity of reviews are important. Just speaking high alone is not going to work. Average reviews will make a product look genuine.

Statistically, products with more number of reviews win easily over those which don’t. Reviews can be a great source of information of how well a user can leverage on the product, helps in making a purchase decision easy and eventually aids in boosting sales on Amazon.

Amazon Seller Tip 3

Win Buy Box

Winning the Buy Box, on an exaggerative note, can be interpreted as making your products viral on Amazon. That’s the level of popularity that they garner if you make it to the buy box.

Like order management and inventory management for Amazon sellers, there are no specific automating systems that can help in turning your products Buy Box eligible instead, it has to be done specifically for every product.

However, winning the Buy Box is tough and tougher when you have a huge product portfolio. We’ll help you out with the metrics which can brighten your chances of winning the buy box.

Pricing – The lowest price places you as the Buy box favourite.

Shipping Performance – Simple, you should either ship like Amazon does or ship through FBA. This includes the Order Defect Rate (ODR) and Perfect Order Percentage (POP).

Seller Rating – The qualifying seller rating is 90% and at the same time it seems that more that that doesn’t make a difference.

Amazon Seller Tip 4

Brand Products on Amazon

Product branding is something which most of the sellers Amazon have forgot. It is ok to accept the fact that a few sellers have misconceived that their brand doesn’t stand a chance when it enters Amazon and also that the ecommerce giant’ brand name alone could help in selling more.

That’s not true to any extent. Both Amazon and shoppers value products that proudly hold a brand name. And for this to happen, branding techniques should be perfected by sellers.

Branding products can be done by registering your brand with Amazon. Once you have earned Amazon’s recognition, move on to using high quality images and videos which adds value to your brand. Branding on product images could help in rendering a continued brand experience.

Continue doing the same through offline connect as well. Add brand name, logos, colors on packaging materials. Using your brand name on product description and title will also contribute. These branding ideas sets you apart from the pack and eventually helps in boosting sales on Amazon.

Amazon Seller Tip 5

Add More Instead of Cutting Down Margin

How to increase sales on Amazon without sacrificing more on your price tag? If you cannot afford to lose money to be the Buy Box winner, do it the other way round. Add an item extra to your products. This should be like more of a complement rather than pairing as the latter can shoot up the price tag which is once again a drawback for your sales ambitions.

For instance, mobile phones can be awarded with pouches, holders, stickers or key chains or any other product which users would prefer to buy along with the same product. By doing this, you can compromise less on your price tag and at the same time earn more crowd towards your offerings among thousands.

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