Tips and Tricks for Amazon Sellers to be Buy Box Friendly

Amazon “Buy Box” – A boon for those who have made it and nightmare for those who haven’t. That’s why we have come up some tips and tricks that could help all those aspiring sellers to crack the code and leverage on “Buy Box”.

What is Amazon “Buy Box”?

Amazon “Buy Box” is a place where shoppers can begin the purchasing process. Products of sellers which are placed in the Buy Box are comparatively more likely to be bought as often customers consider it to be the suggestion provided by Amazon itself.

This great advantage can be leveraged by sellers if they happen to win the Buy Box. For this, sellers will have to be eligible to compete for Buy Box placement which can be earned by meeting the standards set by Amazon.

Qualifying for “Buy Box” Eligibility

Amazon has set eligibility standards. These standards differ in accordance with the product and categories it falls into. However there are certain basic customer experience related standards which applies generally for all sellers and they are as follows:

TickOrder Defect Rate – Everything related to ODR must be perfectly done by a seller including guarantee claims, customer feedback and chargebacks.

Tick Shipping experience including speed of delivery, shipping options, price and customer service.

Tick Time and experience on the Amazon selling service.

Tick Professional seller status.

However, these criterias are subjected to change. It is important for the seller to manage a consistent performance in all the above mentioned categories. Also, there are specific performance metrics which can vary according to categories. Qualifying for ‘Buy Box’ is one category does not mean that a seller’s products in other categories earn an automatic qualification and some categories cannot become “Buy Box” eligible.

Amazon Buy Box – Tips and Tricks to Succeed

If you are selling a few products, it is ok for you to manage them manually and meet the Buy Box eligibility criteria. What if your ROI depends on Amazon listings and you have a large number of them?

Managing everything right from listing to fulfillment for 100s and 1000s of products is not going to be easy with manual effort alone. Automated multi channel management solutions can be handy.

Multi-channel management systems can play a central role in simplifying such tedious tasks that have to be performed on a daily basis. Such automated and central management would result in quicker order processing, organized product management, stock safekeeping and much more.

Streamline Product Management:

In multi channel selling, listing products based on the sales channel and the demand is crucial to avoid wasting capital, time and effort. Gaining mastery over product listing can be done using multi channel management systems which enable you to filter products and set up exclusive listing for Amazon.

Speed up Processing Speed of Orders:

Order fulfillment is one of the USPs for which a majority of online shopping crowd prefer Amazon for. To process order as quick as Amazon expects you to, an automated order management system can help. Such systems can automatically sync your Amazon orders and show notifications as and when orders are placed in Amazon so that processing can be done without time delays.

Stock What’s Needed – Not More, Not Less

Sufficient stock in hand means you don’t have to worry about fulfillment. Managing inventories at the perfect optimum level can be done through Amazon inventory management software provided by multi channel management systems. With real-time updates and low stock notifications, inventory can be proactively managed.

Make Sure Your Customer Service is at its Peak

Order processing and post sales customer service counts the most when it comes to winning the Amazon “Buy Box”. Multi-channel systems that offer Amazon customer management can aid you with provisions that import all customer data, their order histories, preferences and much more into a single interface through which they can be retrieved any time. This helps in looking upon for relevant customer information in case of issues of any kind and react on time.

Analyze the Consistency of Order Fulfillment

Your customer comments, reviews and ratings can tell how good your order fulfillment has been. If your order performance rate is one the up, your chances of winning the Buy Box is more likely.

Having discussed the ideas, the key towards successfully implementing those is going for a multi channel management system. Apart from centralizing information on orders, stock levels, customers and products, multi channel management systems can provide you with metrics that informs more about customer preference patterns and the consistency level of your fulfillment team which are key towards being Amazon ‘Buy Box’ friendly.

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