Get the digital replacement for catalog hardcopies. Flips and turns will be reduced to clicks and swipes. Contalog's digital catalog app can hold any number of products and information making it easy for you to show what's in store.

The New Age Marketing Tool for Your Sales Force

Display photos and demo videos and all the minute details of your products in an enticing way and improve your chances of conversions.


A single product may have multiple variants based on the attributes but with Contalog, showcasing variant-specific details is absolutely easy. The extensive support for images, size, color and a variety of other attributes lets your sales executive exhibit variant-specific information to your customers.

Product Presentation

Showcase your product catalogs with appealing retina images on your iPad. The UI will be convenient for a sales person in all aspects right from toggling between full-screen and normal mode to selecting a single image of a product from multiple image suggestions available.


No more flipping over pages as the digital replacement of your conventional catalog has simple user interface and sensible design that does the job of exhibiting products through smooth swipes and clicks. Product information can be retrieved in seconds.

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