Contalog's field sales app gives your team the power to convert customer's buying mood into a sales order instantly. Placing orders, maintaining your customers list, showcasing catalogs and much more can be done with Contalog's field sales management software.

Field Sales Ordering. Simplified

Enabling better sales pitch, team collaboration and order writing.

Order Notifications

Orders, as soon as they are placed in the field sales app, will be fed to the back-end of the sales network via email and auto update to the server. This will improve accuracy in order processing and will come in handy for administrators while analyzing reports based on orders.

Order Management

Your sales executives can view order history of every single customer and know the processing status of the orders they have placed. New orders are updated into the backend in real-time.

Bulk Orders

Allow customers to place orders in bulk. This sales order taking app has provisions for accepting orders in multiple quantities. Products can be sold with a minimum quantity parameter. Those products can be ordered only in multiples of the minimum quantity parameter.

Write Quotes

Sales executives have the provision to raise quotes for first-time customers and bulk procurers. As first- timers generally demand a price deduction or benefit of any other sort, sales persons can raise quotes in the field sales app which will then be turned into an order after sales manager's approval.

Customer Management

As your customer base expands, maintaining a list of all your valuable business consumers becomes necessary. This mobile order taking software allows you to maintain a perfect database of all your clients thereby helping you to view customer information in a single place for convenient future reference and follow-ups.

Account Synchronization

Be it a bulk upload, placement of an order or a minor change, your complete sales network stays up-to-date on whatever changes happen. Get real-time updates and instant notifications on the changes made via the order taking app and ensure that no single information slips out from reaching your entire sales network.

Offline Access

Ditch out the need to rely on a data communication with Contalog field sales app's offline support. You can place orders offline and have complete access to all your data. Once your data connection is up, all your updates, including orders, will be automatically synchronized with the sales back end.


Focusing on the convenience of sales force in using the purchase order app, we have come up with a minimalistic design concept that delivers a clutter free appearance. Clear navigation makes shuffling back and forth easy while appropriate placing of menus lets you jump between products quite effortlessly.

Store Limitless

Encapsulate your entire product listings into one single field sales app without worrying about the numbers. The import option with complete product information, including images, via .xls files makes bulk product upload effortless. Being on cloud, Contalog is scalable and so you can keep on extending your product portfolios as and when you wish.

iOS and Android

Get the freedom to choose between two of the world's best mobile operating systems for powering your mobile sales tool. Contalog is completely native and so the experience of your field sales app will be uncompromising.

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