A digital assistance for your customer-handling professionals that helps them in retrieving information, showcasing demo videos and providing personalized recommendations at your retail stores. With Contalog's in-store management solution, you don't need a strategy anymore to face your customers but just a tab.

Bettering Your Customer Handling Prowess

Turn every single retail associate into a customer happiness star and improve brand loyalty.

Complete Inventory Access

Let your retail store associates know the inventory status, both online and in-store, inside out. Knowing the inventory like the back of their hands will let them initiate product procurements from vendors which in turn contribute in eradicating waiting periods for customers.

Customer Engagement

Engage your customers in all angles. Know their preferences by analyzing their shopping history and offer personalized recommendations. Moreover, you can showcase demo videos to help them make a purchase decision.

Catalog - Online and Offline Access

Your retail associates can access all product information with or without data connectivity. Every single change will be updated into your in-store associate network thus keeping them informed about the changes. Offline accounts will get updates once the data connection is enabled.

Order Placement

Place orders as and when your customer wishes to buy. Apart from assisting customers with personalized recommendations, demos and catalogs, you can also conveniently place their orders in your tablet application.

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