A centralized inventory management system can do wonders to your business. Right from keeping your stock levels with online sync across all sales channels to helping you out in predicting stock requirements, Contalog's inventory management software is one of the segment best offering that lets you control all stock related activities transparently.

Smart Multichannel Inventory Management Software

Introducing a cloud based inventory management system that has controls classified for A to Z requirements of stocks, warehouses and management network.

Store, Secure and Distribute Stocks Smartly

Allocate, Adjust & Track Stock Flow

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehouse stock transfers are easy and clutter free with Contalog's warehouse management system. Manage multiple stock access points placed in different localities. Have a record of every warehouse your stocks are in and manage them without confusion.

  • Warehouse Transfer

    Share stocks smartly and never go out of stock. Distribute stocks between warehouses on a demand basis and avoid any warehouse from becoming stock less at any given time.

  • User Activity Log

    Keep track of all stock transfers with details of time and user activity. The user activity log of Contalog's online inventory management system records all changes so that a quick look at the log will clear all clutters relating to your stock count.

Channelize Your Consumers' Preferences Better

Streamline Your Sales Force

  • Create Profiles

    Predefine the accessible areas and management controls to be vested upon employees belonging to various level of sales network by creating a variety of user profiles. Roles, responsibilities, controls and type of access towards data (read-only/edit) can be set for each profile you create.

  • Create Users

    Create users with all the necessary information and assign any of the pre-defined profiles based on the responsibility he/she is going to take up in your sales network. In a multichannel stock management environment managing users in such a way will avoid clutters.

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