Order management doesn't need to be mandatorily sequential anymore. Contalog's centralized order management software lets you process orders partially which means a portion of the order can be processed as per the convenience of your customer.

Achieve 100% Order Fulfillments

No more losing of customers due to disorganized order management. Using Contalog's cloud-based order management system, your delivery network will exactly know what's in, out and what needs to be shipped.

Partial Order Processing - Process Orders at Your Convenience

Invoices, payments, shipping, refunds and all other post-ordering activities can be done for a single or selected group of products at your own convenience with Contalog's automated order management system. The retail sales order processing software brings all activities under one roof for total transacting with minimal effort.

Order Statuses - Know What's In, Out and Ready

Four different order statuses of Contalog's order tracking software, which keep changing as when an order reaches the next processing level, proves useful in keeping the sales team informed about what's delivered, yet to be delivered and ready for delivery.

Quotes - Win More Customers

Create special quotations for bulk procurers using Contalog's B2B order management app and enjoy the benefit of selling in large numbers. Upon approval from your admin, the order management software turns your quotation into an order.

Orders Based on Events - Gather Sales Intelligence From Events

Create sales order sheets for events and update event-specific orders. Using our sales order management system, reports can be analyzed based on events to find out which event participation has worked out well.

Order Notification - Notifications for Accelerating Delivery

Orders, as and when they are placed, will be updated to the backend. Being a multichannel order management software, Contalog centralizes orders across all the sales channels so that every single order is updated in real-time irrespective of the medium of sales including ecommerce, mobile app etc.,). This way the order management and tracking software helps the admin of a sales network to speed up delivery.

Order Editing - Edit Orders Anytime

Orders can be edited at any point of time. After placing an order, adjustments like adding/removing products, quantity and price can be done online and new invoices can be sent under the same Order ID.

Order Reports - Discover Your Best Sellers, Sales Highs and Lows

Retrieve sales order reports using Contalog's online order management system at any given time to analyze which products sell best, average order values, user-wise buying behavior and preferences. You can also detect high/low sales periods and regularity in purchase.

Invoice/Payment/Shipping - Speed Up Post Sales Processes

Speed up your post sales processes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with our sales order tracking software. Once an order is placed, the post sale processes including invoicing, receiving payment and shipping can be done swiftly.

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