Organize operations for warehouses located at several locations and take control of your stock handling duties like loading, unloading, picking, packing and shipping. With Contalog's warehouse management software, the number of warehouses and products you can control and keep track of are endless.

Manage Anything & Everything Related to Warehouses

Contalog's warehouse management system can mediate every internal warehouse operations like stocking, transferring and locating to smoothen your stock flow.

Find, Locate & Move Stocks Smartly Within Warehouses

Juggle Stocks Between Warehouses

  • Warehouse Centralization

    Centralize warehouse information irrespective of the location of storage facilities. Contalog's multi warehouse management software on cloud stores every warehouse information and makes it available for all users across your business network.

  • Stock Transfers

    Adjust stocks within warehouses to meet unexpected demands with Contalog's multi warehouse inventory management system. Transfer stocks from one warehouse to another to fulfill customer demands and avoid any warehouse becoming stockless.

Warehouse-Specific Order Processing

Reports and Notifications

  • Automatic Stock Updates

    Update stock numbers automatically in real-time. As and when your stocks move out, Contalog's warehouse inventory system gets the stock values updated leaving no room for errors in product-specific and warehouse-specific stock numbers.

  • Generate Custom Reports

    Know your warehouse and sales figures in and out. Contalog's multi location warehouse management lets you generate reports based on modules like stocks, orders, customers etc and perform advanced condition-based search.

  • Low Stock Alert Notifications

    Know your needs in advance. Contalog's warehouse management software lets you set alert reminders for re-ordering point for every product in your portfolio. Once the stock level reaches the minimum threshold, you'll be alerted with an email notification.

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